Warming Up for Winter Winds

warming up for winter winds

For those of us cooped up inside our insulated walls and hidden behind cubicle walls, it seems as though the world shifts in time with the flip of a calendar page. The trees begin to burn and turn to ash, the winds chill and saunter through barren ravines, and those of us with a penchant for wicked flare prop up our pumpkins and dust off our broomsticks.

And no it’s not the Pumpkin Kraze bandwagon every Mom-&-Pop coffee shop and Starbucks tend to jump on that I’m excited for.

No no no.. it’s that my small little piece of the world relaxes and accepts everything odd and out-of-sorts, where witches cackle at bus stations and zombies roam the malls.

That’s right – Halloween. My favourite holiday of the year.

Hello! Katelynn here, heartily apologizing for my absence this past month. With the weather shift I underwent quite a few big changes myself – most notably a new job! *happy dance* I have now joined the Working-Blogger-Club and I have no idea how to balance life, blog, and books. I only have two hands and one of them is permanently welded to a coffee mug. Honestly how do all of you manage to have such perfectly manicured blogs, stay on top of your reading challenge, and still have time for sleep and other hobbies like wine and Netflix and video games?! Do I get  a Welcome Kit with these secrets or is there a subscription fee? (Preferably one that doubles as one of those book subscription boxes with candles and stickers and notepads and pens that makes my stationary-obsessed heart flutter like a freshly cracked butterfly). I give you all a round of applause for your time-management skills, the likes of which I have yet to learn.

So in an attempt to plan ahead I shall henceforth begin using the “schedule post” ability WordPress possesses (and I will try not to write after seven coffees when old-school Shakespearean words sound as fabulous as that last sentence does in my head). I have a whole lot of blogs to catch up on and a very full Inbox to empty out, so bear with me during this transition. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone, and high five for scarf weather! I can now walk around in my Slytherin scarf without getting weird looks and, “Aren’t you hot?”

Why yes, thank you for noticing!

I hope you’re all having a magical October!

Here’s a little bit of sunshine for you:



  1. Yay for the new job!! But yes, time management, lord knows how other people do it. My blog schedule is a hot mess (a.k.a. there is no schedule) because I can’t juggle all balls at the same time. So good luck to you with that! 😀 (encouraging words, I know). YES for the most awesome time of the year AND that video <3. Poor dog! (goes to Amazon in search of a lion's mane for mine)

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