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5 Incredible Thrillers That Would Make Amazing Movies

We are very excited to introduce our first ever guest post, written by the lovely Caroline! She has been kind enough to provide a nice break from reviews and show us five more books we’d love to read.
So without further ado, we’ll pass it over to Caroline!

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Sometimes it seems as if Hollywood has adapted every book that hits the New York Times best-seller list. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. For every Bourne series there are hundreds more that don’t even make it to the drawing board. Not all books deserve the red-carpet treatment, and some might not even translate well to the big screen. Even books that seem like an obvious movie choice may end up falling victim to poor writing and casting.

With that said, thrillers are perhaps one of the best types of books to adapt to movies because they’re fast-paced with laser-focused plot lines. It’s not surprising then that Hollywood loves adapting this genre. Still, there are a few books that haven’t hit their radar just yet, and you should read them before they do. You can download all of these books through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you’re travelling and want to download these books, services like Buffered VPN help you get around geo-restrictions so you can read these anywhere and anytime!

tartt the secret historyThe Secret History by Donna Tartt

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Set in a fictional New England college, “The Secret History” follows a group of classics students as their lives slowly unravel following the murder of a fellow student. Unlike many murder mysteries, the focus isn’t on the whodunit but more on the why. The novel explores the lasting effects of this murder on this tight-knit group. It’s a very character-driven story with all the elements of a good thriller—suspense, mystery and intrigue. While there are some bouts of action here, the novel is more a dissection of the inner workings of a group and how quickly everything can fall apart. Under the guidance of a good director and a writer who understands the intricacies of personal relationships, this would be a great film.

king the needleThe Needle by Francis King

Goodreads | Amazon CA US UK

Not for the faint of heart, “The Needle” is an insidious horror suspense story cantered on Lorna, a physician, and her younger brother Bob. As a diabetic, Bob must take his insulin shots; however, he shirks away from the duty, forcing Lorna to administer it for him. This dependent relationship began in their childhood and continues to the present day. After three years, Bob has moved back in with Lorna after living in Malaya. His silence and general listlessness, as well as some secrets she uncovers during their time together, lead Lorna to realize he is keeping something awful from her. It’s a dark, deep and uncomfortable world in “The Needle,” but despite showing the worst side of humanity, it also manages to highlight the depths of loyalty and love. This would be difficult to capture on film, but Hollywood has shown itself capable of jumping deeper into the human psyche.

cook markerMarker by Robin Cook

Goodreads | Amazon CA US UK | Indigo | Barnes & Noble

Robin Cook brings back recurring characters Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton in the medical thriller “Marker.” People are dying following routine surgeries despite the fact these victims appear to be in good health. All of these deaths attract Laurie to the case who, while wanting to uncover the mystery, also uses it as a distraction from her personal problems with Jack. It’s a whirlwind story full of plot twists, suspense and just enough real science to keep people interested. It’s a bit light on the character development, but the plot makes it great for movie development. The book quickly ties up any subplots and loose ends while also leaving some room open for potential sequels.

walton the mask of minosThe Mask of Minos by Robert Walton

Goodreads | Amazon CA US UK Barnes & Noble

Move over, Indiana Jones; there’s a new archaeologist in town, and his name is Harry Thursday. Not much can force Harry out of retirement except maybe the mysteries surrounding the mask of Minos. Harry embarks on a journey to find the mask of Minos, something generations of archaeologists before him have tried to do but failed. With a background in archaeology, Walton manages to weave in actual methods of the discipline to the story while keeping it interesting to hook readers. There’s just enough characterization here to create a fully formed character in Harry. The backdrops are all stunning, from the snowcapped mountains to an ancient castle. It’s ripe for Hollywood with its epic storyline, superstitious lore, beautiful locations and, of course, heart-pounding action. This could be the more modern version of “Indiana Jones,” just with more archaeological knowledge.

canfield dark skyDark Sky by Joel Canfield

Goodreads | Amazon CA US UK | Audible | Indigo | Barnes & Noble

Down on his luck, ex-CIA agent Max Bowman takes on a job even the CIA won’t touch: trying to find a dead war hero. Once he takes the job, things take a turn for the worst as he’s thwarted at every step by a mysterious paramilitary organization called Dark Sky. Despite having a target on his back, Max pursues the truth at all costs. It’s a perfect book to turn into a movie. It’s brimming with exciting car chases, explosions, military intrigue and biting humour. Max, while unlikable in the beginning, grows on readers as he pushes forward despite opposition in all directions. He’s not a nice guy, but he is a good guy—a perfect hero for Hollywood to bring to the big screen.

There are hundreds of other thriller novels that would make amazing movies.

Did we miss one you think would look great on the big screen?
Let us know in the comments below.

caroline guestAbout the Author:

Caroline is a freelance writer who covers technology and entertainment. She loves seeing how directors and writers transform books into movies and hopes to see more thriller books on the big screen. Be sure to check out her other works, like 5 Non-Superhero Comics to Sneak Into Friends’ Reading Stacks and her analysis of Game of Thrones Season 6 vs. The Winds of Winter.

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