It MAY Be A Bad Romance Month

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Heh – see what we did there?  😉

Do you like romance novels?

How about bad romance novels?

If you answered yes to either of the above then this event is for you, whether you like it or not 😛

The idea for this event came from a night of (a lot of) wine and digging through boxes of Kassandra’s romance novels that hadn’t been unpacked yet. As we laughed our way through reading the backs of half of them, we realized what fun could be had when you share the absurd hilarity that the romance genre is comprised of. I mean – cat alien men with sexual powers? – how is this not hilarious?! And we thought it might be amusing to make an event where this was all brought to light.

This April we have pounded through dozens of romance novels and have stock-piled our reviews in preparation for this event. It’s been a long, hard, heavy journey but we can now see the light at the end of the peni- *ahem* tunnel! How it’ll work is a new post will come out every Sunday starting May 1st with the theme of the week and a LinkUp for participants to post their blog posts, tweets, or Instagram posts with #amonthofsmut. Every Monday to Thursday from May 1 – 26 there will be two reviews posted for your amusement. Both of us have saved a book for each week so we can participate alongside you guys – those reviews will be posted on Fridays.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy (a little too much perhaps?) then here are the guidelines on how to participate:

Guidelines on how to participate:

There will be four themed weeks for you to participate in if you so choose (see below). In the interest of adding a little more fun we have decided to add prizes, because we love giving stuff away. For each week that you participate and LinkUp to you will earn one entry for the final draw. In addition to this draw there is a week four specific contest – see Week Four below for details. Winners of both contests will be announced on Tuesday, May 31st and we will reach out to you to discern how to send you your goodies!


May 1st – May 7th

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Have you ever wanted to traipse across 18th century Scotland with a French knight, roll through the forest with a Highland Warrior, or catch yourself a suave husband in 19th century England? We admit that we rarely left the UK for Historical Romances, but when one of your options is a sexy rugged Scot how could you choose anything else?


May 8th – May 14th

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If it has wings, shifts, or has otherworldly powers you can bet it counts. Biting is optional but to be expected (you know you’ll like it).

We know there is a lot of Fantasy romance on out there (Captive to the Shadow, Saddled Bearback, or Given to the Alien anyone?). Trust us, you’ll be laughing just going through the titles.


May 15th – May 21st

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For fans of reality (do you even exist?) look no further than contemporary romance. Kassandra is planning on enjoying this week while Katelynn may experience some fantasy withdrawals. We have decided to truly punish challenge ourselves by reading the first novel ONLY in the Fifty Shades Series, you may expect a truly drunk and sarcastic joint review – get excited. We have even picked up a bottle of the Fifty Shades of Grey wine to commemorate what we know will be a once in a lifetime occasion.

Please don’t let us enjoy this series…


May 22nd – May 28th

Linkup Opens Monday May 22nd
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Starts May 22nd


From The Selkie Who Loved A Wolf to Baby It’s Cold Out Bear, we are sure that collectively we can find the dark side of romance novels and are extremely excited to see how bad it can get.

Week Four Grand Prize
In addition to the overall draw, voting will be available on the Week Four LinkUps! Vote for your favourite of the ridiculous or for whichever you think is the worst/most absurd romance. The top rated LinkUp will receive a gift box of goodies! (details to come)

Prize Details

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A few titles to look forward to:

We really hope you’ll join us!
(Don’t forget to use the tag #amonthofsmut!)



  1. I AM LOLLING FOR REALSIES. This is such an amazing idea!
    Oh my gosh, I’m so in. I’m trying to find the words but I’m basically just wildly gesticulating with my hands even though you guys can’t see it. Because I just can’t. Like, I just can’t right now.

    1. Keep the gesticulating up – it goes with the theme. 😉
      So excited to have you join/follow along and like the idea!! I’ve personally been struggling with all the romance – THESE BOOKS ARE JUST SO INTIMATE AND I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE IT! To be frank, it’s emotionally draining. But when I find the bad ones it makes me mad and I’m much better at that emotion and those reviews are way more fun to write so I look forward to those the most. 😀

      1. hahaha I can’t wait for it! I’ve been saving a romance novel for a bit! So I guess I’ll start on that one as soon as we get to May… And then we’ll see if it’s an addiction 😉

        1. THANK YOU FOR JOINING IN! I’m so excited for May to come and start seeing the posts go out and do the newsletter! Right now I’m finding out I have a very small limit on my romance/smut cap and I think I passed it two books ago (I’m at 6 / 15 – NOT EVEN HALFWAY UGHH).
          I never want to star in a romance novel. Ever. At least, none of the ones I’ve just finished reading. Like last night I was reading one thinking, “People are into this?!” but then I realized I was still reading and it made me feel incredibly guilty and awkward and so confused. I should start my blog post about how some people just cannot handle romance novels because I think I’m allergic.

  2. Hahaha, this sounds hilarious and SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to read your reviews.

    Also… I read the first two 50 Shades of Grey… I kind of enjoyed them… :S They are hilarious and awkward and not great writing…but they are so intriguing and have just enough that I wanted to know where she was going to take the story….

    Oh, and that Given to the Alien… WOW… It reminds me of some of the books my friends gave me at my bachelorette party (that’s right. I had a romance novel-themed party complete with books and a life-size cardboard cutout of Fabio!). I went through some of those books, highlighted the funniest and dirtiest parts and then sent them to my bridesmaids and thank you gifts. 🙂

    Thank you for doing this event. I cannot wait to read along.

  3. *cries with laughter* God, I wish I’d seen this a month ago. I would’ve happily thrown out my May schedule for this glistening pearl little gem. Saddled Bearback and Baby It’s Cold Out Bear…oh BOY! XD I can see what started those forest fires over there…

      1. That Bear book and the accompanying Imgur comment section have been the highlights of the day in this house, really… Even my hubby thought it was hilarious and he’s usually not one for awkward things. And now for the big question, am I going to read it?! It’s just so wrong, I feel obliged to now. Ay papi…

        1. Apparently it’s written really well! I mean, it’s got some big awards so someone thinks so..
          The only thing you have to fear with books like that is actually liking them.. That’s when you start to worry!
          That forum is amazing – I was crying! A lot of apologies, but my favourites were, “Still a better love story than twilight” and all the bad puns! AMAZING.

          1. IKR?! I read some Goodreads reviews about the in-depth psychology in here… Ha! Totally true, that lingering question of What if I get turned on by this?!!. I think I’d opt for a lobotomy then, though. 😀

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