Fuck Butterflies

Fuck Butterflies

I am utterly terrified of butterflies… and plants *but only when they touch me*. I have no idea why or where these ridiculous fears came from but dear god if a butterfly is within five feet of me you can bet I’m already planning my escape and choking on the scream that’s bubbling up in my throat. I have literally dropped a hundred pound plant that I was helping my friend move because the leaves touched my face, I was unable to hold in the terrified yelp that time. Just a random tidbit about me.

I think where I’m going with this is – I’m a bit weird, which is normal, because everyone is a bit weird in their own weird way, and I want you to know what makes me me.

Some people say not to trust anyone until you see which books are on their shelves. Is your best friend a closet Twilight fan? Who knows?! Unless you’ve stalked their library you may never truly know a person, or at least so some say. Regardless, in an effort to strengthen our relationship, because important, I have decided to share with you the next five books I plan on reading and why I am so completely obsessed with them.

  1. The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard book one) – Rick Riordan won over my heart with the Percy Jackson series when I was back in college. If you have ever picked up those books but put them back because they are in the age 9-12 section I beg you to re-consider. They are timeless and wonderful, no matter how old you are – hint *this topic may be revisited in the future.* I have always loved Greek mythology, an interest that began with researching the history behind my name, I like to tell my mom that she doomed me from birth. And now, Riordan is branching out into Norse mythology – another love of mine. I am so excited to see what’s in store for this series!
  2. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day – this one is simple, Felicia Day is a doll and anything she does is usually amazing. Hence – this book is most definitely on my radar to check out!
  3. Warm Bodies by Issac Marion – Christmas always gets me in a cringe worthy nostalgic mood and I have been craving this book like a Christmas cookie that’s piled with icing and sprinkles. It is one of my favorite novels and I just can’t help myself from re-reading it, especially at this time of year. Which seems odd I guess, seeing as it’s a Zombie book and has nothing to do with Christmas, my brain is weird but I guess it just wants what it wants.
  4. Uprooted by Naomi Novik – I am a huge fairy tale fan, usually if a book is well written and has a fairy tale theme to it – I’m insta-sold, just shut up and take my money.
  5. *Cringe* Cowboy Undercover by Alice Sharpe – This one is not my choice, so please do not judge me. My boyfriend thought it would be hilarious to surprise me with this gem when he saw it at Walmart (along with other classic lit titles such as Agent Bride and Her Christmas Protector) and we have come to an agreement that if I read it he will clean up our office – which is a huge win for me (as a side note – I did totally find this hilarious – he did good). This will be the first ever harlequin romance novel that I have ever read, I will not deny that I have read many a trashy romance novel in my day but I am afraid this may be a different darker path.





Hello!  I’m Katelynn.  The blonde who’s awkward at social conventions, a horrible photographer (grainy, over saturated Instagram shot?  Yup – that’s me), avid traveller, spirit Mountain Climber (also a Spirit Wolf), with a Jekyl & Hyde Optimism/Pessimism conundrum.

Sounds like a mouthful because it is.  I just made it up.

Well, kind of.  It’s the truth, but I manage to describe it differently every time I’m asked to write “WHO ARE YOU KATELYNN” and I freeze and ramble and end up with three vaginas in Australia (figuratively speaking at the expense of all female kangaroos – sorry!).

I’m also the kind of person who feels like adding someone I’ve never met as a “friend” is a lie and a complete insult.  In my head, I say, “I’ve never met you but I want to watch and see everything you do EVER and stalk you via social media.  Please accept this request.”  Whereas, if I follow you without requesting friendship, then it’s okay becuase I don’t expect anything from this other than to read your book reviews.

And yes.. I’m talking about Goodreads.  Where I have no friends and post to no one who cares, because they don’t exist.  But I’m used to it and reckon the Silence is reading my stuff and laughing and it makes me feel better.

I’m am a twenty-two year old Slytherin, INTP/INTJ, natural blonde Leo.  My second language is Sarcasm, basic German and French are frequent fliers and just as bad as my photography, and Japanese and Russian are my dream languages (Greek is my drunk language).  Being born and raised in Canada, my blood is perpetually cold.  When the weather goes above balmy I start sweating uncomfortably and complaining about the heat.  If left un-treated (by a glass of wine and a body of cold water), it results in violent hissing and vampire-esque capes whilst running for the nearest cover.

Imagine a never-left-Hawaii-in-their-entire-lives Hawaiian coming to Canada for the first time: enter snow, fog, rain, hail, and a fuck-ton of freezing weather.  They’d freeze, right?  Plain and simple.  Well, I’m the opposite.  So anywhere where normal human beings should live is where I get uncomfortable because it’s too warm.  I melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.


Spending a lot of time indoors has it’s merits, though.  My room is my bat-cave filled with art prints and murals and dark, doomy colours, and crows and Halloween decorations.  Basically, if it could be my version of Halloween (think Addams Family) I’d be over the moon…  which I have a painting of.  It’s not very good, but it was fun and we drank while painting in public which sounds as ridiculous as me, and so it hangs on the wall above my shelves.

And now, for the moment of truth – the topic you’re all here for – the books.

The two beautiful Ikea shelves (now adorned with bumps and scrapes and dust) are filled with novels ranging from bookstore close-out impulse buys, to High School “OMG – VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF LOVE TRAINGLE” young adult romance, to my current obsession of Epic Fantasy (fuck yes!).  Currently, it is beautifully arranged in alphabetical order from left to right, top to bottom, while the newest purchases are scattered around my room awaiting sorting (Slytherins first!).  I have a long-standing binge addition to manga and anime, which comes in spontaneous yearly spurts.  I continue to filter out the only-romance books because I’m a declared adventure-junkie, so unless they’re doing it skydiving or while fighting [enter super evil villain here], I get pretty bored.  “Filter out your library?!” you say, “Blasphemous!”  I know, I apologize to these ostracised books frequently, let them sit by the door for a few months to think about what they’ve done, before eventually filing them back on the shelves.

Three months later, rinse and repeat.

But now, there’s Books & Bottles.  This beautiful, cozy new blog my cousin and I dreamt up one night and have fallen in absolute love!  At least, I hope you do as well.  Because I can’t wait to share everything I learn and all the amazing places I go, and I can’t wait to take you with me.  I’ll confess to having being terrified of Social Media, but I’m starting to understand that Social Media is best suited for people with friends.  To talk to.  Which means I’ve been doing it wrong the entire time.  Learning to hashtag at twenty-two is a terrible struggle, but I’m doing it for you. And me.  Because talking to new people sounds like an interesting concept and swapping book recommendations?  Pitch in a glass of wine and we are golden!

And so with this blog, and these books (I’m swearing on Furiously Happy), I hereby swear to be truthful and coherent, to provide insightful and coherent opinions where available, and to always, always, always spell check before posting.

Let the reading commence!