Review Policy

We love books. Small books. Big books. Soft books (oh yes). So of course we would absolutely love the chance to love your book. Check out our slightly snarky but completely honest review policy below, here’s hoping we’re a match.

What We Will Review

While we feel horrible about being picky, we would feel even worse if our catered tastes were not a fit for your book.  There are some things that neither of us can understand or get into, so we’d like to narrow down our genre range to save both us and you amazing authors some time.

When sending a request, please let us know of any preferences you might have, as you may notice we don’t read exactly the same things so if you feel that your book might be a better fit with one of us over the other you’re probably right. Also, if you really want to go balls to the wall and have us both review it, two copies would be appreciated so we don’t have to throw down over who gets to read it first.

Kassandra’s Genre Preference:

  • Young Adult (foreeever young)
  • Horror – desperate – please send!
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Children’s Books
  • Thriller
  • Chick Lit

Katelynn’s Genre Preference:

  • Children’s Books (7+)
  • Fantasy (all of the fantasy!)
  • Horror
  • Manga
  • Poetry
  • Thriller
  • Young Adult

Miscellaneous Fiction… meaning fiction novels that don’t fall into any of the above categories … heads up, this is a pretty broad category so please be warned that we can both be quite picky. Regardless feel free to submit a request and we will let you know either way.

The following genres are on our definite not interested list unless we have specifically added your book to our Goodreads TBR. We apologize but we’re just not your girls. No hard feelings right?

  • Biographies
  • Business
  • Erotica
  • History
  • Mystery
  • Religious
  • Self-Help
  • Spirituality

What’s Included in the Books & Bottles Package

Neither of us are Literary Professors or Grammar Queens (somedays we’re lucky to have a grasp on Basic English), so we will not be doing an in-depth analysis into any of your books unless we can’t control ourselves (ie. don’t expect a book report, but sometimes it just comes out that way).  Most of our reviews are based on how we felt while reading and what we enjoyed overall.  We may or may not include spoilers, but we promise fair warning when applicable.  If you have any terms (like no spoilers in reviews, or if you would like a critique on a certain aspect of your book), we will do our best to be as accommodating as humanly possible. Despite the fact that we only resemble humans on the outside.

Rating System

5 Stars  –  THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AND I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS FROM THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!  But seriously, this is an instant favourite and I can’t get it out of my mind so I’m going to shove it into yours.

4 Stars  – A wonderful book that’s like good sex, it wasn’t mind blowing but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend to friends.

3 Stars  – Good book that I had no major qualms with.  This is a good and average rating.

2 Stars  – There were several points that irritated me, but I got through it and if I drink one more glass of wine I’m pretty sure I can convince myself that there were a few things I enjoyed.

1 Star  –  This book truly vexed me to the point of losing sleep, or I couldn’t even finish it & may have considered burning it. (sorry not sorry)

Still Think We’re a Good Fit?

If we haven’t scared you away and you’re still interested in getting in touch with us, fill out the form below or contact us on any of our Social Media platforms & we will get in touch with you.

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