The Blog

We’re going to be honest, because that’s what blogging is about.

Books & Bottles was thought up in the middle of a big wine binge.  It was so big that we felt the earth move the next day (headache ensues just remembering that murderous morning).  We’ll also be honest and tell you that Katelynn wrote the prototype for this half-drunk while Kassandra was working away like a busy-bee (she’s so productive!  This does, in fact, have a direct correlation to our relationship).

We were both having a very deep, introspective moment, and asked, “What do we want to do with the rest of our lives?!”  Reading, of course, is always on the list, and Kassandra had the wonderful idea of creating a blog together.  This was the best idea of 2015.

And so, for the next two months, the both of us worked and read and wrote.  It was a magical, huge, painful, learning curve for the both of us.  But after a bit more wine, we got the hang of it and have eventually pieced enough pieces together to have Books & Bottles.

Our plans for Books & Bottles is to share with you the best, and the worst, of the books, wine, calligraphy, anime, and a lot of sarcasm.

Welcome to our little world.  It can be a little strange, but if we’re being honest then you should be honest too…

…it’s probably why you’ll like it.